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Injustice by parents
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Dear M/s, I was asked by my father to work and send him money when I was just 19. I did it by staying lodge in Mumbai from 1983 to 87. Then I went to middle east in 1987 as worker and sent him hard earned huge money. He is died now. From that money he built a house in Nanded. I want to sell that house and get back my proportionate amount of money. No one from my familiy gave my father money but only me. For last 27 years my elder brother who se*ually abused me when I was child is enjoying that house and amneties I gave to my father with his wife and children who are grown up adult now. He is doing dadagiri on mother. He did dadagiri so far on my retired teacher late father. No one is allowing me to talk to my mother. I am in Hyderabad in rented house. I paid my father Rs.2.5 lac from 1983 to 1992. Todays value of that is more 32 lac. I am telling my mother to sell that house and give me money and come to live with me in Hyderabad. I am growing old. I am not getting jobs. I am staying in rented house. If I get that my own money I can buy a flat over here in Hyderabad. I want my money back. My mother gets government pension. If she does not want to live with me she can buy small own separate house. I am treated very badly by my mother, died father. If I was girl child, that bast**d would have made me pregnant for sure in my child hood and my parents and relatives would have killed me. Please help me. Because that bast**d asked my cousin in front of me whether he had done s*x with his elder sister or not? That cousin said to him in front of me raising his finger firmly that " if you say like this again it will be very bad for you"
Is this justifying?



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